The band was founded in 2003 by musicians Mimmo Audino and Sergio Schiavone. Their idea was to create songs inspired by traditional music, based on a study of the distinctive instruments and vocal style of the Calabrian region. It is these elements that mean that the soul of the band immediately stands out in the Calabrian musical landscape: a rock base (bass, guitars, drums) combines with the uniquely rich timber and tone of traditional Calabrian instruments (‘battente’, a guitar with 4 strings, lyre, ‘fischiotti’, ‘pipita’, squeeze box and tambourine). To date, the original repertoire of the band boasts more than thirty songs and three albums: “Ad Aria” (2005), “Sentieri” (2009), and “Arsura” released in July 2012. The music incorporates songs of love and tales of the Calabrian people, with the sounds, dances and influences of a region that cannot be defined or contained. The same Calabria that has celebrated and endured feast and famine, procession and poverty. For Marasà, a career stemming 12 years has covered hundreds of concerts (Calabria, Italy, Europe), prestigious collaborations (Piero Pelù, Peppe Voltarelli, Ginevra di Marco, Paolo Baglioni) and participation in great festivals (Folkest,Tarantella Power, Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt, Paleariza, Radici Sonore, Suoni di Terra Madre...). There can be no doubt that Marasà represent one of the most important, deeply-rooted, multifaceted and authentic contributions to the Calabrian folk landscape.

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